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    Người gửi: Nguyễn Đăng Sinh
    Ngày gửi: 13h:34' 09-11-2009
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    Period: 60th - 64th UNIT 10: CONSERVATION
    Period 60: READING
    I. Objectives:
    1. Educational aim: Students know the importance of environment
    2. Knowledge:
    3. Skills: Reading
    II. Method: Communicative approach
    III. Teaching aids: Pictures, handouts, textbooks.
    IV. Procedure:
    Teacher`s Activities

    Students` Activities

    Warm-up (Hand out) - Fill in each empty box with suitable words.

    -Sts do what they are asked

    +Dry seasons
    + The extinction of plants and animals

    II. Before you read
    Activity 1: Teacher asks
    -Answer the question:
    1. What’s cause some plants and animals to become extinct?

    2. How are they protected and saved?

    Activity 2: (hand out)
    l. Put the suitable forms of the words in the box
    2. Complete the sentences with the appropriate form of the words in the brackets
    -People arc worried about the c (1) (environmental ) as a result of the (2) (damage) effect of human activities. Some of these activities cause (3) (pollute) and some are (4) (destroy) the environment. To solve the problems such as acid rain, the holes in ozone is (5) (protect) the environment.

    Activity 3: Complete these two lists in a suitable way :
    We should -> <- We shouldn`t
    -------------------> Paper, bottles <---------
    ------------------->Tropical rainforests <----------
    ------------------->Trees <----------
    ------------------->Water and energy <----------

    -Sts answer:
    1 + A lot of plants are cut down and destroyed.
    A lot of animal are killed
    2 + We should keep them in natural environment

    +Sts do the exercise in pair.
    - Key:
    + Protect( v)- Protection(n) +Environment (n) Environmental (adj) +Damage(v) (n) Damaging (adj)
    +Value(v)-Value(n)Valuable(adj) +Conserve(v)conservation(n)

    -Sts do the exercises in pair Key:
    (1) Environment (2) Damage (3) Pollution ( 4) Destroying (5) To protect

    -Sts do the exercise in group of six.

    We should We shouldn`t
    -recycle -throwaway
    -protect -destroy
    -plant -cut down
    -save - waste

    II. While you read.

    a) Pronunciation: Find in the text words that have syllables pronounced /æ/
    -Animal, cancer; man; back; natural; valuable; rapid; bad.

    b) New words: Match the word in A with a suitable definition in B,
    1. eliminate
    3.run- off

    a. the movement of something around a closed system.
    b. concerning or producing electricity by the power of falling water.
    c . remove or get rid of completely
    d. liquid which flows off or from (something)

    Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F)
    1. Each year about fifty hundred species of plants and animals are eliminated.
    2. Many kinds of plants could be used to treat various dangerous diseases.
    3. Water can be held on land by vegetation.
    4. Man is constantly doing harm to the environment.
    5. Plants may cause floods and erosion.
    6. We can do nothing to save the earth.

    Activity 6: Choose the most suitable main idea for each paragraph
    1. We cannot live without water.
    2. Let`s do something to save the earth.
    3. Forests give us a lot of valuable things.
    4. Vegetation can help conserve water.

    IV. After you read:
    Activity 7:

    Answer the following 9uestions:
    1. What is the consequence of losing forest?
    2. How important is water in our life?
    3. What should we do for the future of our planet?

    Sts are asked to read the passage in 3 minutes

    +Sts do what they are asked

    1 c; 2a, 3d, 4b

    -Sts read the text silently and then do the exercise carefully
    1F; 2.T; 3.T; 4.T;
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